Telling about a book that has strong influence in my life

Have you ever wondered

why people often get lucky

and also others rarely get lucky in life?

Whether luck come to us

by chance or not?

I’ve had that question

in the first year of university

when having academic stumble.

After casually reading a book

in the bookstore

I had the answer.

That is the book

“Secrets of luck”

The story is about the encounter

of two old men

when they casually met

in the park

after 50 years.

An old man he met success

while another more failures.

Successful old man tells

the secret of his luck

he applied from a marvelous story

of his grandfather recounts.

In a faraway kingdom

people selected talent knight

by ordeal found

miraculous four leaved tree grows

in a forested area

in the coming days.

Overcome many difficulties with determination

finally  knight named  Sid won

due to the prepare

the conditions necessary

for tree to germinate.

This story brought interesting insight

and deeply

about changes necessary conditions

to create good luck in our lives.

Luck in life come not by chance,

ourselves create luck.


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