Let me tell you my story.

I come from Di An, Binh Duong

and go to HCM city for studying

in the University of Medicine.

My major is Nursing.

The new life in university

is really interesting for me.

I’m really engaged to social activities

in the university.

Because I lack of time management skills

so my study result was so bad.

In the third year

I started  practice in the hospital.

I couldn’t sleep while working

in the hospital.

I felt tired.

I felt depressed.

I realized that

i’m not suitable for being a nurse.


my family couldn’t afford

to help me charging career.

I understand that

I couldn’t work

as a nurse in the hospital.

The only way for me

is to become a lecturer.

I pay attention for studying.

But I was shock

because one of my teacher

he liked me.

I didn’t tell this story

to anyone.

Because I’m not sure about

his love for me

sincerely or not ?

From my heart

I didn’t want to spend my time

for love in that time.

I tried my best to study

with his subject

Because I‘m afraid that

he think I am  incapable student.

I got very good result

for his subject.

But my friends thought that

I got good result

because the lecturer loves me.

I was so vulnerable.

I couldn’t bear the gossip

from my friend in my class

in my dormitory.

I cried a lot at night.

Sometime I thought about suicidal.

But fortunately

I didn’t do it.

I talk myself that

getting high mark in one subject

is nothing.

I’ll get high mark for all subject

to prove that

my friends were wrong.

I pay all attention

for studying only.

Thank to my efforts

I got the highest mark

in my class.

That was Yomost feeling!

I was really happy

to win myself.

Now I’m a lecturer

I remember about those memories.

I can’t believe that

I over come it.

Life is hard

but it’s good.

As a lecturer I need to learn

more and become more

to teach my students.

That’s the reason

I want to study abroad

to open my mind

to get new experience.

I wish

I got a new motivation

to win myself again.

Thank you!


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