My learning English

Learn English for a long time  but I am not self-confident communicating in English. During high school, I studied grammar for exam and didn’t use to talk English with anybody. At third-year in university, I had a chance to meet with students abroard  when I practiced at Tu Du hospital.I wanted to make friends with them, but I did not say much because I was afraid to say  wrong. I realized English is very important and I wish somday be sutdying abroard to widen my mind  and experience life as them. Using good English has many benefits. English facilitates my studying.Most of advanced reference books are written in English. Therefore it will be difficult to approach the knowledge without English. Besides that, good communication English make me to develop the relationships with foreigners and know many customs of the country I go through.

I used to review vocubulary, grammar and did many English tests to improve my English. After attending Hang’class, I changed the way learning to study from the most basic pronunciation. Besides I often watch many cartoon film to be used to listen English. From Liu Luoi class, I expect that I can speak English fluently and have a solid foundation for steady next classes.


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